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International Radio Forum | KBS 라디오 국제포럼

KBS International Radio Forum
"The Role of Media in Social Integration and Peace"
Aug. 19 to 20 / Seoul, Rep. of Korea


I am delighted to invite you to the International Radio Forum to be held in Seoul from August 19 to 20.

Under the theme “The Role of Media in Social Integration and Peace,” the Forum will focus on the pressing issues that the Korean peninsula faces today, and discuss the responsibilities of the media in building peace and creating a cohesive society. It is our goal to bring together media professionals, scholars, and social activists from around the world to share views on how the media can become a more effective bridge builder and contributor of peace and social integration.

As you are all aware, although Korea still remains divided, inter-Korea relations have improved significantly compared to the past, and the international political tide is flowing towards peace and trust building.  Meanwhile, the Asia-Pacific region is presently at a cross-road between conflicts and peace finding. In this light, the role of the media in helping to overcome uncertainty and apprehension has never been more important.

Given such a trend, holding the Forum this year is most timely for both KBS, the leading public service media of Korea, and ABU, the broadcasting union that represents the Asia-Pacific region, which have joined forces to display resilience and confidence in building peace in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Forum is organized by the KBS Global Korean Network Channel, the radio service dedicated to unification and peace on the Korean peninsula.

All of us here at KBS look forward to seeing you in Seoul this August.

Be with us in the very place where history happens.

Kind regards,

Yang Sung-dong President & CEO Korean Broadcasting System

Yang Sung-dong President & CEO Korean Broadcasting System

It gives me great pleasure on behalf of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union to welcome you to this unique peace-building initiative in Seoul hosted by the leading ABU member KBS Global Korean Network Channel.

The theme of, this years Forum, “The Role of Media in Social Integration and Peace,” is very dear to the core mission of the ABU and the hearts of all our members who are working towards global, regional, and local peaceful coexistence.

A major focus of the Forum will be on the current events happening on the Korean peninsula, and we look to our host and other Korean media to share with overseas delegates the experience and wisdom they have gained from dealing with a long-running issue that for decades has divided people who speak the same language and share the same culture.

This division of peoples, neighbours, friends, and families from each other is sadly not unique. There are many situations in the Asia-Pacific region as well as globally where two countries, cultures or intimately-linked neighboring nations find themselves in conflict across a common border. Such hotspots are extremely difficult for the countries concerned and for the region in general.

It is therefore greatly to be admired that our Korean hosts are willing to so generously share with other sufferers their hard-earned insights that we can take away to address our own conflicts or help our neighbors in the region deal with fractured societies of their own.

And it also speaks volumes of the sense of responsibility and compassion that delegates will be bringing to this conference by their very presence, by taking time from their busy schedules to work towards addressing this important contemporary issue and answering such questions as “What roles have the media played in creating crises?” “What responsibilities do we have in resolving them?” “What practical steps can media organizations and individual journalists take in increasing safety?”

While some people argue that conflicts drive some businesses, we know they destroy economies, societies, environments, hopes, and the opportunities for our children and grandchildren to lead rich and fulfilling lives. The human race does not develop through war and conflict – it thrives on peace and advances through cooperation.
We therefore need to strengthen dialogue among nations. Participation in a dialogue is the same as "playing together" and not "playing against each other." Any individual, school of thought or civilization that takes part in dialogue will be a winner; the “other” becomes a part of “us.”

As a broadcaster I believe in dialogue and have faith in media being both the vehicle and the product of dialogue. In the process of dialogue, reaching a common view is not as important as reaching a mutual understanding. Such initiatives will help establish peace and tolerance in the extremely difficult world of today which suffers from all sorts of violence. I highly support KBS’s initiative in creating and strengthening such a meaningful dialogue.

I wish those attending this important conference all the best in their deliberations, and look forward to witnessing first-hand the fruits of their efforts.

Javad Mottaghi, Ph.D., BEng. Secretary - General Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union

Javad Mottaghi, Ph.D., BEng. Secretary - General Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union

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