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About KBS

The Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) is the flagship public service broadcaster of Korea. As the key public service broadcaster of Korea, KBS has undertaken initiatives at technological turning points while providing a communication channel for diverse views and accurate news, which has long been a hallmark of the nation’s top broadcaster.

KBS has been a pioneer in South Korea’s rapidly evolving media environment, ushering in the nation’s first radio service in 1927 and its first television service in 1961. KBS completed the transfer to digital broadcasting in 2012, and launched the world’s first terrestrial 4K UHD broadcasting in 2017.

KBS’s dedication to values of public service even in an age of rapid changes in the media environment remains strong.

KBS headquarters are located in the Yeouido district of Seoul. It has a total of 18 regional stations and 11 overseas bureaus as well as eight subsidiary companies such as KBS Media that manages the local and global marketing of KBS contents.


Through various media, KBS strives to become a window through which international audiences experience joy and emotion

Terrestrial TV Channel National channel focused on
Culture · Entertainment channel enjoyed by the
entire family
International Channel International satellite channel that targets a worldwide audience Korea’s only multi-language international channel
Radio Channel News and current affairs channel Popular music channel for people in their 40s to 60s
Channel specializing in welfare for the disabled and those in need Korea’s only classical music channel
Representative music entertainment channel Hanminjok network channel specializing in North Korea
Cable Channel Drama specialty channel Entertainment channel
Korea’s representative sports channel Channel for empowered women
Children’s edutainment channel Biography·History·Documentaries·Culture
DMB Channel Biography·History·Documentaries·Culture Family culture DMB channel based on KBS2TV
The only terrestrial network DMB audio channel specializing in music Two-way data channel

News - Focal news for Koreans

Terrestrial and national network KBS has the duty to report reliable information to the people. Especially in this multi-media, multi-channel era and its vastness of information, KBS will only provide unbiased, objective truth and produce accurate, impartial news programs.

  • Accurate and impartial news promoting healthy public opinion
  • Digital news for the viewers
  • The frontline of national safety, broadcaster of disasters and crises

Sports - National sporting events with KBS

KBS has used stand-out planning to provide the Olympics, World Cup, historic sporting events, and other high-quality sporting broadcasts for viewers.

  • Broadcaster of grand sporting events including Olympics, World Cup, Asian Games, etc.
  • Broadcaster of the Korean National Sports Festival
  • Broadcaster of professional sports leagues (baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball)
  • Broadcaster of various lesser-known sporting events promoting balanced growth

Drama - Raising the bar of Korean dramas through content with depth

KBS drama comprises a line up that is only possible through public broadcasting. We are building on this foundation by making bold investments and attempting challenging productions suitable for public audiences and worthy of public appeal.

  • The power of killer content - Mon/Tues · Wed/Thurs mini-series
  • A living history textbook - Epic historical drama
  • The powerhouse of the traditional weekend evenings - Weekend primetime dramas
  • A medium of communication for the generation gap - Daily soap opera
  • A sphere of variety and experimentation - One-act plays and series dramas

Entertainment - Funny and moving entertainment shows with competitive edge

KBS entertainment and variety show programs have been loved by viewers for decades. We are always trying new things to provide laughs and satisfy the ever-changing demands of viewers.

  • Hot variety
  • National entertainment
  • Global entertainment

More about KBS


Peace Together for a Future Together with KBS the Key Public Service Media of Korea

함께하는 평화 함께여는 미래

  • 1 To produce diverse special programs to illuminate the meaning and value of the March First Independence Movement and the establishment of the provisional Korean government.
  • 2 To explore the paths tothe permanent peace onthe Korean peninsula.
  • 3 To contribute to the socialintegration by providing a venuefor the public debate andcommunication.
  • 4 To search for the solution for economicleap forward.
  • 5 To enhance trust and influence ofKBS with fair and accurate newsand investigative programs.
  • 6 To strengthen our competitivenessand to lead the spread of Koreanculture through contents that uplifts cultural imagination.
  • 7 To become a creative Public ServiceMedia leading the digital media era.

KBS Radio

Korea's first radio broadcast began in 1927. After being relaunched in 1947 as a national broadcasting channel, the station continued to grow to become KBS Radio, Korea’s representative public broadcaster today. In other words, KBS Radio was the starting point of Korean broadcasting. Currently, KBS Radio runs a total of six channels ranging from cultural programs to fun and informative entertainment programs, which contribute to fostering social integration and promoting the happiness of the Korean people.

Radio1 - Korea’s Main Radio Channel

Radio1, a general programming radio channel, fulfills its duties as a public broadcaster by producing public cultural programs.

Radio2 (Happy FM) - Korea’s Popular Music Channel

Radio2 is another general programming channel that airs music for the middle- and late-aged audience. The channel produces a variety of programs that are both educational and entertaining.

FM1 (Classic FM) - Korea’s Only Classical Music Channel

As Korea’s only classical music channel, FM1 takes the lead in propagating classical western and Korean gugak music while strengthening listener services.

FM2 (Cool FM) - Youthful, Lively & Entertaining Music Channel

FM2 is a popular channel representative of KBS Radio.

Radio3 (Voice of Love) - Korea’s Only Social Welfare Radio Channel

Radio3 provides original contents with diverse information for 4.5 million socially disadvantaged citizens including the disabled in Korea.

Global Korean Network - North Korea & Ethnic Korean Network Channel

The Global Korean Network expands its influence as a channel related to North Korea and unification as well as ethnic Koreans living abroad.

Global Korean Network

Since its launch in 1948, KBS Global Korean Network has been the sole public radio channel in Korea that, over the decades since its foundation, has been broadcasting for North Koreans. In fact, in 2013, KBS Broadcasting Research Institute surveyed 533 North Korean defectors living in South Korea, and 38% responded that they had listened to Global Korean Network when they were living in North Korea. Four out of 10 of them had listened to Global Korean Network at least once a week.

Over the years, Global Korean Network has evolved according to the changes in inter-Korean relations. Currently, Global Korean Network broadcasts to Koreans living in the four corners of the world, including Koreans living in North Korea as well as those living in Japan, China, Russia, and the former Soviet Union Central Asia. It plays a meaningful role as a Korean channel reaching over 750 million overseas Koreans. However, its most important role remains serving as a channel specializing in North Korea in preparation for the restoration of national unity and the reunification of the peninsula. Global Korean Network is broadcast 24 hours a day via mediumwave and shortwave broadcasting. Recently, it has also become available through the smartphone application service called Kong as well as on YouTube.

Global Korean Network - Most Listened-to Korean and Foreign Radio Channel in North Korea (based on a survey conducted in 2013)

Global Korean Network – Worldwide Coverage via Mediumwave, Shortwave, and AM Broadcasting and the Mobile Application “Kong”

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