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International Radio Forum | KBS 라디오 국제포럼

What Is International Radio Forum?

What Is International Radio Forum?

The world is at a cross-road between conflicts and building new paths to peace. The role of media in helping to navigate uncertainties and overcome apprehension has never been more important.
Under the theme of “The Role of Media in Social Integration and Peace”, International Radio Forum will focus on the pressing issues unfolding on the Korean peninsula as well as other global hotspots, and discuss the role and responsibilities of the media in building peace and creating a cohesive society. It is our goal to bring together media professionals, scholars, and social activists from different regions of the world to share views on how the media can become a more effective bridge builder and contributor of peace and social integration.
The Forum is hosted by KBS, the leading public service media of Korea, and ABU, the broadcasting union that represents the Asia-Pacific region.
The event is coordinated by KBS Global Korean Network Channel, the radio service dedicated to unification and peace on the Korean peninsula.

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